Blue Loop - Stop Closures (Stops #282 and 283) (Valid From 5/1/2018 to 8/17/2018)
Effective Monday, May 7, as the result of road closures on campus, CATA’s 83 East Parking (Stop #282) and Forest Resource Lab (Stop #283) Blue Loop stops will be closed and remain so throughout the summer months. Riders are encouraged to board instead at a temporary stop located on Hastings Road, on the opposite side of University Drive. Additionally, riders may also board at the Stadium West (Stop #355) stop, which will also become a temporary stop on the Blue Loop during this time.

Those with questions are encouraged to contact CATA’s Customer Service Center, at (814) 238-CATA(2282).
Mobile App (Valid From 6/20/2018 to 6/20/2018)
Due to system upgrade, our buses may not be appearing on the app. We will be as diligent as possible to post any necessary alerts. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Beaver Hills Stop Closure (Valid From 6/19/2018 to 6/23/2018)
Due to construction Stop 565 E Beaver Ave at Beaver Hill Apts is closed. A temporary stop will be placed further down by Garner St.
Easterly Parkway Closing and HP Detour (Valid From 6/8/2018 to 7/8/2018)
Easterly Parkway will be closed effective June 13 which will require a detour of the HP route


Inbound from Geisinger Scenery Park:

Normal routing will be followed to Easterly Parkway. At Easterly Parkway, turn left and go to the intersection with Atherton. Turn right onto Atherton then right onto Beaver Avenue then left onto Pugh to resume normal routing.

The Schlow Library will not be serviced in this scenario. Since the stop will not be serviced, “Out of Service” should be indicated on the head sign while passing the stop.

Outbound from Schlow to Geisinger Scenery Park:

Depart Schlow Library and turn left onto Pugh Street, then left onto College Avenue to the intersection with Atherton. Turn left onto Atherton then left onto Westerly Parkway followed by a right turn onto Allen Street to resume normal routing.

The College and Allen stop will not be serviced in this scenario. Since the stop will not be serviced, “Out of Service” should be indicated on the head sign while passing the stop.

M Route Detour (Valid From 6/19/2018 to 6/24/2018)
Nittany Mall near Macys - Stop 311 will be serviced on the other side of the street.
Summer 2018 Reduced Service Schedule (Valid From 5/4/2018 to 8/17/2018)
CATA’s reduced service schedule will take effect for all CATABUS routes on Monday, May 7, and remain in effect throughout the summer. Please note that the NE, NV, RC, RP, UT, VE, VN and WE Routes, as well as the White Loop and the Green Link, do not operate during reduced service. Further, the shaded trips on the M Route do not operate, the Blue Loop operates Monday through Friday only, and the Red Link operates Monday through Saturday only.

There will be no CATABUS or CATARIDE service on Monday, May 28 (Memorial Day) or Wednesday, July 4 (Independence Day). CATA’s Customer Service Center will be closed as well on these days, and Saturday, May 26.

Full service is scheduled to resume on Saturday, August 18.

For additional information regarding CATA’s reduced service schedule, or any of CATA’s services, please contact CATA’s Customer Service Center at (814) 238-CATA(2282)